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The P.K.P. Group of Companies
(Certified Public Accountants & Business Consultants) is a leading service provider for both local and international companies or individuals based in Cyprus.   The Group was founded in 1992 and it offers a comprehensive portfolio of services, ranging from audit, accounting and tax, to corporate and trust services, to consulting as well as investment management.  P.K.P.  is committed to creating value for its clients by offering supperior service, high quality and responsible advise across all its engagements.

Our Companies

The P.K.P. Group of Companies  is made up of six companies: 1) P.K.P Proffesional Services Ltd, 2) P.K.P. Management Services Ltd, 3) P.K.P. Business Consultants Ltd (www.pkpconsultants.com), 4) P.K.P. Trustees Ltd, 5) P.K.P. Holdings Ltd, and 6) Kallisti Investments Ltd, each focusing on a specific portfolio of services... read more

Choose Cyprus...

Cyprus offers many benefits to corporations, trusts and shipping companies that establish their operations in the country. These benefits arise mainly from the low tax regime, the high quality of corporate services (banking, financial, legal) and the credibility/stability of being a member-state of the European Union as well as a member of the Euro-zone...read more

The Cyprus government (and all the relevant stakeholders) have a long-standing commitment to continuously improve the business environment of international companies with Cyprus incorporation, and therefore enhance the competitiveness of Cyprus as an international business centre. Tax advantages are at the core of this strategy and these are summarised here.


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